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Currently we offer two products for your music collection:

Dance Music Player
With the touch screen optimized Dance Music Player you import your music collection comfortably into the local database. There you can sort the respective titles into a playlist according to your dance type mappings which can be played by crossfading without breaks. Thus, you have the correct title for any dance at any time. This software requires a license (250 €). Product description....

With MP3-Check you can have your entire music collection checked effectively for quality and discrepancies. You’ll be informed if the ID3v1 or ID3v2 tag is missing, the volume has been defined and adapted and if the sampling rate of the MP3s meets your requirements.
After registration you can download the software as freeware. Product description....


Your steps to the successful licensing

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Step 2

Step 3
You are not registered or logged in. The registration is free of charge and without obligations. Download the Dance Music Player to test it in your environment. After you have tested the Dance Music Player sufficiently, please order your license file.

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