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Support form

With this form you can describe problems or ask questions about the programs of AudioMoves. If you have found an error, we would be glad if you describe the situation and copy and paste the error message (exception) under "Your message".
For which program (version) do you have a question:
(e.g. MP3-Check v1.0.25.0, Dance Music Player v1.0.92.0)
Which Windows version do you use:
(e.g. Windows XP Professional 32-Bit Build 2600 SP2,
you will find this for example with Start - Run and typing winver)
Which .NET Framework versions are installed:
(e.g. v1.0.3705, v1.1.4322, v2.0.50727,
you will find this in %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework)
Is it an error that can be reproduced:
If your problem or question is related to a music file,
you can select it here:
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Your e-mail address:
Your message:
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